Living By Faith ; Living By God

Living in a World that isn't in the slightest bit easy.
Depending on my Savior to get me through my days.
I am 18 years old.
I spend my days striving to be what God wants me to be.
My whole goal is to fullfill His plan.
The ultimate plan that will trump all other plans.



so today a box on my stove caught on fire and almost burned down the house and my brother panicked so he just kind of picked up everything on fire and moved it outside while it was still burning so my mom and i come home to shit scattered across the lawn, some still en flambe, smoke everywhere, the fire alarm screeching, and my brother on the phone freaking out

and the first thing out of my mouth is “what a warm welcome”




when you hear people talking about your fandoms in public


how is this so unbelievably accurate

#conceal #dont feel #dont let them know

My life every single day.

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Every woman in Frozen has braided hair because Disney’s animators were traumatized after animating Rapunzel’s and Merida’s hair

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My hobbies include

  • Thinking about books
  • Reading books
  • Talking about books
  • Looking at books

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what if you woke up with amnesia and all you could remember was your tumblr password and you had to discover who you were based off your posts


your url suggests differently

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